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About Us

Charles Moni
, Founder
Charles Moni Mr. Moni provides Rowland Associates with more than 25 years of Wall Street experience. Mr. Moni has served as a spokesperson to the corporate community on the benefits of corporate restructuring and spin offs, not only for the corporate entity but the shareholders as well. He is active in the oil, wind and solar sectors, social media and organic food production. We are currently generating interest in Big data and its ability to make corporate America money through customer behavior analysis. Mr. Moni heads up Rowland's Selection Committee which determines the companies Rowland will invest in, either independently or as a co-investor with its network of venture capital and private equity partners.

Steve Taber, Consultant

Mr Taber was co-founder & CEO of Nordic Wind Power, manufacturer of an innovative and highly competitive wind turbine generator. Under his leadership, Nordic has completed two rounds of private equity funding, accomplished a major acquisition, recruited a world-class management team, expanded its IP portfolio, organized a robust and stable international supply chain, built a strong quality organization, achieved market traction, and delivered a very substantial increase in shareholder value. Currently developing the Santa Catarina Wind Project, a 1000+ wind and solar resource located in Baja California.

Current Engagements

  • Mobile ATM Application ($5 million) supplying the benefits of cash and ad opportunities for temporary outdoor venues.
  • Energy drink alternatives ($1 million) this $44 billion market is comprised of such well known names as Red Bull, Monster, and 5-hour but the big three only make up $11 billion of the $44 billion. Lots of room to penetrate this growing market with a caffeinated energy gummy.
  • Hydroponics is rebranding the lodging industry with organic food production on site via attractive patented modules. ($10million).

New Jersey - California